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Coming from CMSF...Great game!


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Just wanted to post my first impressions, from someone who skipped all the WWII games since CMSF


After a few battles I can say this is a very different game, that offers more tactical variety and opportunities to grow, and funnier if you prefer balance over probability of occurrence


I guess in part it is the setting, CMSF was a great game and I played for hours and hours, but it was inevitably unbalanced, most of the time it was about searching for Syrian units and doing some careful cleaning...it could be challenging, you could definitely blunder but, in consequence, it generally demanded a lower pace, very different feel


The other half is probably the updates to the engine, I understand the AI at a high level depends on pre planned commands and objectives, but so far it does a better job at the illusion of decision making, maybe it is the lethality of the systems that puts the tactical AI more at the center of the action, specially at close range but even at medium and long ranges, I don`t know, but overall it feels more "alive"


CMSF has the appeal of being more plausible and closer to reality, but CMBS feels like one big crazy training/what if scenario where both teams forgot the codes to launch the nukes, and you get to trash every new shiny toy in a fast and unmerciful way


Now keep the modules coming!

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