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Vehicle pack and save games

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I just installed the vehicle pack and started an ongoing scenario.

It was until now some scouting and shifting forces with limited contact on one flank. I zoomed down to some little jeep staring from a completely secure staging area and was wondering why each and everyone around him suddenly opened fire.

Zooming out enemy positions some hedgerows away were fully revealed and exchanging fire with my troops ignoring absolutly impossible LOF.

Dont tell me I have to restart my campaign.

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Thanks for the info. At least the campaign has not to be restarted.

:mad: The scenario is spoiled for me thanks to revealed enemy positions. A warning would have been appreciated.

On the positive side driving my engineers in the jeep through the staging area feeling perfectly secure and everyone around them suddenly opening fire had its moment.

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After upgrading, Did you start load the saved game from a movie file or an orders file?

As a general rule, you should *always* use orders phase save files to re-load games after upgrading. It's not 100% sure this will work, but it's much more likely to work than if you start from a movie file.

Regardless, if starting from an orders phase save doesn't fix the problem, starting from a between mission save as LF describes should work fine.

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It was an order phase. I was experimenting because I forgot whether the Jeep would wait for his passengers. He does not. I ended the game and started from the same file adding a pause order and then happened what I described above.

It is completly strange because troops beeing two or three hedgerows apart without any chance for LOS or LOF are exchanging fire. Why exactly these troops (surely not everything the enemy has) are revealed is a mystery. It also took some seconds into the turn to show up.

Having thought about it I think that I already was engaged with the forward part of bigger formation (a Shreck and possibly an LMG and some other infantry team) and that this whole formation not only got spotted but also thought they could fire at me thanks to some freak Code. The newly revealed guys are holding a single location distinctly apart from the three teams already engaged.

I have a save from the deployment phase. Should that help?

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I have a save from the deployment phase. Should that help?

I decided to put some effort into solving the mystery and can answer my own question: No!

I have to admit it actually wasnt an effort since I just loaded the setup and hit go to get a unit revealed with impossible LOS after some seconds into the turn.

I was not too much interested in the vehicles since I am not that into military history. Well tanks with flamethrowers are badass, but thats not what makes this game great for me.

I purchased the pack because I think BF should be supported for making and supporting a great game. I understand, that you get what you pay for in more ways than just in buying a single product. If you want a nice bar scene in town go out and drink and when your live is over buy good computer games from guys that put some effort into it ;).

I also hoped the minor bugs that creapt back in with the engine upgrade I recently purchased would be eliminated.

I love playing campaigns because I get immersed in them and attached to my pixeltroops who suffer for my blunders. In that sense the game is now broken for me. Regarding the Road to Montebourg campaign - which is a great one - perhaps for good.

I think it would have been better to wait for the free patch and let other players do the testing.

Thanks to YankeeDog, Lille and Ken in another thread for the feedback I am now going to directly ask for support since I have no information whatever what can/ will be done.

Dont get me wrong. I dont know much about releasing computer games but I earn my money in services and know that things can go wrong. I also know how to react to such things.

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