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New file at the Repository: Storm over Europe Historical Flags v 1.4 [Breakthrough Ed

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(The mod formerly known as SOE German Symbols) This is the fourth and hopefully last update. The mod comes in two versions, one using the plain Parteiflag and the other the Reichskriegflag for German HQ units. The Reichskriegflag is the default texture, and both versions use the Parteiflag for national capitals. The mod also changes several other national flags, most notably the Greek flag. Back up your originals and be sure to read the notes. Unzip the mod into a safe place, decide which of the two you want to use, and the copy and paste the mod to wherever you keep your Battlefront folder. The mod mimics the folder structure of the game, so very few actions are required apart from removing the '_alt' part of the file name if you decide that is the version of the mod you would rather use.


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