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NEW SC-AoD Tournament

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The first Bracket of 8 players has already just started!! (These came thru invites). I've decided to try and create another bracket and open up the field a bit... including to newbies... by announcing on the forum!

General Info... game is 1939 World@ War Scenario. All matches are mirrored (play both sides against same opponent). Minimum playing pace is 1 turn a day (on just one of the sides you are playing). Tournament is double-elimination.

Victory Conditions have been significantly modified for the tournament... space does not allow here to provide.

If you are interested, please send email to gkizziah@aol.com, and state whether you are newbie (never played a live opponent) ... intermediate (played and finished at least one game)... or experienced. I will send an email with the rules and victory-conditions formula (plus a play-by-play description of how a match might go.)

I will try to set up the new bracket so that players will at least play their first game against a similarly-experienced player.

Need at least 4 players to set up a new bracket (hope for 8).... and hope to get you shooting at your first opponent within a few days... Latest start date to get into this tournament (I think) is going to be Oct 1 2014. Hope to see some new players!

Gary :)

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