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CNBN-Market Garden / Canal bridge?

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Hi all,

let me ask you a short question. I like to do maps and Scenarios. So, i made one in Holland by using the Canal Bridge, because this Bridge is the only useful for small to medium battles.

My Game-Version is 2.12. BN CW MG installed.

But,...i can´t send heavy tanks over this Bridge. Only light tanks, halftracks etc. are able to drive in the ordered direction. Heavy tanks will stopp, losing their waypoint-marker ..doing nothing.

Is this a bug? I found nothing in the Manual or in the Forum about the difference between "light" and "heavy" vehicles for bridges.

Thanks for any answer! ....sorry for my choppy english..no native Speaker!

Greeting John

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There was a thread about this in the RT forum the other day. Some bridges will not permit the transit of heavy armour. Where the line is drawn (is the Panther Medium, or Heavy?) I couldn't say, but there's definitely several strengths of bridge: Light, Medium and Heavy.

The explanation for RT was:

  • Light: infantry only
  • Medium: infantry and vehicles up to medium armour. The example was T-34, so I'd assume any weight limit is at least 27 tonnes. If Shermans can cross it, you're looking at 31ish tonne. Whether it lets the 45T Panther across, because it's classified as a Medium tank, I don't know.
  • Heavy: any unit can cross.

I'd assume something similar for the BN family. So it's not a bug: that bridge is just not up to stopping Tigers from collapsing it.

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Thank you so much for this Information! It is sad, nothing to find in the Manual about this, after working several days an a map wich is built around this Bridge! .....sigh.....

Also by doing QB-Maps this is a Problem! How should the AI should pick their pixeltruppen without heavy armor, if the map has such a "light" Bridge?

Many Greetings


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