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CMSF crashes on new PC

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CMSF ran stable and well ony my old PC (purchased 2006). Recently i got a newer one that, although still quite old (assembled in 2010), has significantly better hardware and shouldnt have any problem handling CMSF as far as i can tell. However the game crashes regularly and i have no idea why. I cant play longer than for 10 minutes, if the game loads the map at all. FPS are good, even with everything set to Improved quality, but that doesnt help me if cant enjoy the nice graphics for more than a couple of minutes. Altering the graphics quality settings in game does not seem to affect the problem at all (ive tested this) and altering the graphics quality setting via the ATI driver doesnt affect the problem at all as well. I ve also tested if mods may be the cause, but their presence doesnt seems to have anything to do with the crashes either.


1 x ATI Radeon 4800 HD

2 x 2 GB RAM

Intel I5 Quadcore with 4 x 2,67 GHz

Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

drivers and Win7 are both up to date i think.

Does anyone have any idea what i could do? I would be happy about any help.

EDIT: I am trying to play CMSF + all modules + latest patch (1.32). I am not getting a meaningful error message when CMSF crashes, except the standard windows "CMSF.exe has ceased to function". The problem seems to depend on map size. The larger the map, the more likely the game seems to crash. Tiny scenario dont crash at all, wich makes it look to me like a memory problem. Doesnt make any sense though, my new computer has at least twice as much memory as the old one and there i could play even battalion sized battles without any problems. When i start CMSF there are usually 2,5 to 3 GB RAM avaiable, Win7 + background processes consumes about 1 to 1,5.

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