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File corruption

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For the first time, I'm finding that some saved games are crashing the game when they try and load. They seem to take longer than they should in "allocating world" (7% progress) and make CMBN stop responding when they hit the "Read Data" (15% progress) stage. It's happened with the last two QBs I've played; both Huge Assaults (Axis attackers with +40% strength, so a full PzGr company with all its bells and whistles, a 15-tank StuG battery and half a dozen each Panthers and PzIVs; only organic artillery, all off-map vs a short Battalion of motor infantry shorn of most of its vehicles and beefed up with a 4-tank Crusader AA troop and some 17lbers) on Large maps, but I've played scenarios with approximately these parameters without any problem in older versions.

In both cases, the first series of saves after "...001" which were made without ALT-Qing out of the game are all unreadable and cause the game to stop responding to Windows 7 (32bit), but (so far) having gone back to "...001", "...restart 002" and subsequent turns seem to be fine.

Anyone else seen this? I really do need to get upgraded to 64bit, I know.

Edit 1: One other symptom I've noticed: when I was running the turns after taking the saves that turned out to be corrupt, the progress bar got so far (about a third of the way?) and the screen went black, for probably as long as it might take to run a complicated turn with lots of firing. The run-throughs where the saves have been okay, the map remained visible for the whole, complete, progress of the blue bar.

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