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New Global Mod

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I'll be uploading a new global mod soon, one that I am currently play testing. The map is the same as Assault on Democracy. Some inspiration was taken from "World in Flames" an older SC2 mod.

There is probably around 200 changes from the base game, including new unit sprites (Battlefield).

Some big what ifs are included such as:

-Can Japanese appeasement delay or keep the USA out of the war indefinitely?

-What would happen if the UK mobilized the entire commonwealth and all it's colonies at the onset of the war?

-Will both Japan and USSR agree to a neutrality pact or will the Tripartite Pact bound them to conflict?

-Can the United States save the American Fleet from Pearl Harbor and still enter the war?

-Can Germany successfully reach the objectives of "Fall Blau" or will their economy suffer from oil shortages?

-Can the UK defeat Germany economically or will Germany receive all she needs from the neutrals of Fortress Europe?

Some other things of note:

-The AI is generally more aggressive at trying to knock weak Italy out of the war.

-American Lend Lease is guaranteed to begin Spring 1941. Nothing gamey will keep this from happening.

-A big focus of the game is on economics and diplomacy.

and so on..

I hope everyone enjoys it when it is up and ready.

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