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Soviet Infantry Uniform Colour

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The Soviet uniforms in game are summer cotton ones, which were usully in a lighter shade than wool shirts and pants. The color shade varied widly, but it was a shade of olive drab most of the time, or, in othe words, they had some green poured on the mix (it happened the sme with US ones, btw). The yellowish brown uniforms with litte or no noticeable green in the shade are usually postwar uniforms.

If you expand the brz files then look at the Soviet uniforms, you will find several shades, from a quite greenish one to a soft brownish shade. Enlisted men share 8 uniforms and their shirt an pants usually don't match shade, so there is room for a lot of shade variations and for many mods.

As a rule I didn't want to break some "unformity" while looking at the soviet troops, so I included variations, but not very noticeable ones. It means I ruled out too dark uniforms, heavily washed out ones, or shades too far from the norm. I thought it was better to leave them for modders.

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