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Casualties through Artillery / CAS

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Hi guys!

Been playing CMRT and again I have to wonder: is there a way to figure out how much casualties certain support elements caused? Just played a quick battle (as I always do with all the CM titles) and I ordered a devastating 120 mm mortar strike against some russian infantry groups (YES! I am a strategically genius...when I play against the AI...and I am lucky...and the AI isn't very good...yeah, well you know what I mean).

So after I annihilated the russian force (genius and so on...I don't speak of the first battle, where the AI managed to kick my a** so terribly) I wanted to know how much damage / man casualties this 120 mm mortar caused. So is there a way? Since CMBN I couldn't figure that out...(well maybe not a genius after all *sigh*).

Thanks in advance!


P.s. sorry for my english..not my mother tongue...

P.p.s. Someone has to do a sound mod! Game GREAT! Sound meeeh.....uhh..and a explosion mod...or can we use the old mods for that?

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