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Update or update not?

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Hi people,

After re-installing Maverick, an extra drive and some cleaning up my BN "Commonwealth Forces" (British) doesn't work anymore.

Re-installing the whole game give me no problem up to V2.01 (coming from V1.11) Do I need the next update V2.12? After installing V2.12 it gives me always an error something about Market garden.... Do I something wrong or....?

Thanks & Regards


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You need to contact technical staff - after such hardware updates it's common you run into this problem. I bought myself new USB headphones which netted me exactly the same problem. Solved it quickly by nice helpful stuff.

Who would of thought headphones are capable of making the game not work any more.

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New USB headphones made your game not run correctly anymore? May I ask how this happened? I am getting some new headphones, too, but I can't imagine how they could mess up the game.


Ha, tell me about it! It was only when stuff started to ask me if I added any new hardware did I realize it was the USB virtual surround headphones that I plugged in.

It's supposedly a rare circumstance so don't fret just yet! :D

In case it does stop working nice personnel will help you out solve the issue in no time.

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