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Would someone please !

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Pm me with how they won the" Now We Fight" mission in Market Garden .. Or like to tell me here. I have tried numerous times .. And can't get anything but a total defeat. Over a dozen times now and not even close...

Please help save a quickly failing relationship... Apparently my dinner is in the bin as it went cold and is now wasted ...

Dinner is actually in the microwave,as apparently that's no better than the bin... DOH.....

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It's been a while since I've played it but as I remember it you

have to KO 2 of the Panthers, that turn up on the road, on the

right flank so have your bazookas there and some demo-charges

also, put a TRP on the road for better aim-ability.

Keep your HMG around the church and your platoons around

the victory locations and mortars way back and only use them

on your TRP for better effect.

Then you wait ! :) all the action will be the last 15-20 minutes !


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I think the exact path the Panthers will take varies depending on which AI plan you draw, so do not assume they will head up your right flank.

Bear in mind this is an "Alamo" mission; your goal is to destroy as much of the enemy as possible. I don't want to spoil too much, but some of the German units present in this fight also show up in the final battle of the campaign (if they survive this battle), so the more damage you can cause here, the better off you will be in the long run.

Your own casualties, and even holding the objectives, are not important to the campaign and it can actually be better for your overall campaign progress to lose this individual mission, but cause enough damage to the enemy that your final fight is easier.

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Yes; IIRC that's right. There is definitely a fair amount of luck involved to achieve this as even if you do things right and get some good flank shots on the Panthers the bazooka rounds don't have a particularly good behind armor effect so they may fail to KO the Panthers even on a good penetrating hit. Infantry close assault is always a crap shoot so I wouldn't plan on using this to KO the Panthers. If the opportunity to close assault falls into your lap, take it, but don't plan on it.

I wouldn't worry too much about achieving a points victory in this specific scenario to continue with the campaign; bear in mind that while damaging but not knocking out a Panther will gain you 0 points for this battle (this is a weakness of CM's scoring system), incremental damage and any crew casualties *will* carry over to the final battle. So if you score a few good hits on the Panthers, chances are you've killed one or more of the Panther tank crewmen, as well as caused damage to one or more systems like optics, track, radio, etc., and this will help you out a fair bit for the final battle, even if you aren't getting the KO points for this battle.

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