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New file at the Repository: 1939 Battlefield Europe v1.11 (2013-12-18)

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1939_Battlefield_Europe_for_AoCv103 (1. Extract 1939BattlefieldEurope + 1939BE_Media files. 2. Drag the "Media" folder into the 1939BattlefieldEurope directory. 3. Copy the "1939BattlefieldEurope" folder and the "1939BattlefieldEurope.cgn" file into the "Campaigns" directory of AoC.)File Version: 1.11- Changed/altered some pictures and sprites- British units are slightly strengthened when the "Africa Corps" event is selected- North Africa (from Tunis to Alexandria) must be in Allied hands before U.S. forces prepare for an invasion of Italy (Allied-AI)- Altered 3D unit icons for soviet Coastal/Fortress Gun


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