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New file at the Repository: 1939 Battlefield Europe v1.1 (2013-12-11)

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1939 Battlefield Europe for AoCv103 (Basic Files) File Version: 1.1- Changed/altered some pictures and sprites- British units are slightly strengthened when the "Africa Corps" event is selected- North Africa (from Tunis to Alexandria) must be in Allied hands before U.S. forces prepare for an invasion of Italy (Allied-AI)File Version: 1.0 - Essentially based on the "1939 Storm Over Europe" campaign - Romania is now a separate major- Added minors: Slovakia and Croatia- Evented "elite" units for Germany (Waffen-SS) and USSR (Red Army Guards/NKVD)- All new military unit sprites- Added/changed few events and sounds- Added, changed and altered lots of 3d units and other bitmaps- ...and few more fine adjustmentsBest played as axis against allied AI or multiplayer"Soft Build Limits": OffFor more details see the forum or under http://battlefieldeuropeproject.webnode.comTwo separate files must be downloaded and joined together again before they are copied into the campaigns directory of AoC: "1939BattlefieldEurope" basic files and "1939BE_Media" fileAoD users: Copy the complete "1939BattlefieldEurope" file into your campaingn directory. Open the "1939 Battlefield Europe.cgn" file in yor Game Editor. Save file as (for example) "1939BattlefieldEurope_AoD". If then no script errors are displayed, exit the editor, delete the original "1939BattlefieldEurope" file and play the new "19...


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