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G'Day All,

I'm in the process of designing my first scenario with CM:FI (Gustav Line). I've been working through the really excellent manual for the program as a whole, paying particular attention to designing of late. I have two questions on procedures I'm not quite sure of, which involves setting up orders in the design phase.

Q1: I want one side to occupy and hold a certain position on the map. I've made it a setup zone, and have painted in a map zone over this location (it's big enough to hold all the troops available, but not too big that they are too spread out), and am now issuing orders for the various Plans. My question is, is more than one order required if they are supposed to stay in place come hell or high water to hold that particular objective, or are several orders required? If the latter, how many are enough and should they all be the same order or does there need to be some variance?

Q2: In terms of order types for the defenders (Assault, Attack, etc.), those all seem to be offensive stances. What are the best stances to give if these defenders are to stay in place and hold off any attacks? I've tended to issue Assault or Max Assault in order for them to defend aggressively, but I'm not sure that's the best way to go. Could anyone offer me some advice on that please?

Thanks very much for any advice. I do intend to upload scenarios as I complete them, but I will be putting in the caution that I'm very new to designing and that these may not be the best designed scenarios ever made (to put it mildly :D). However, I hope to get feedback from each so that I can make better ones in the future.


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Q1: no, just give them a set up zone, and they'll defend in place. You can add additional orders to, for example, restrict their range initially then have them open up later by removing the range restriction, but itisn't necessary. Also, if you bump up their motivation they'll die in place without running away.

Q2: no, those stances are for movement orders. The one you want has settings like "active" and "ambush 150" (working from memory here), and those can be applied as noted in Q1 above.

Hth :)


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