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The Road to MInsk

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Hey guys!

Long time lurker, first time poster - I'm out of the closet now and I call upon your combined wisdom.

I have been playing CM since it first came out, and I am slowly making progress (I can't play as often as I wish I could..)although I still suck with tanks (which is pretty sad).

Would anyone here be nice enough to give me some help with the operation "the road to Minsk". It's a tank heavy operation and playing the Red Army puts you in command of 4 IS-2, almost a dozen T-34 and almost as many SU-76 and a bunch of others AFVs.

The Germans appear to have a few StuG's and Nashorns but they mostly rely on AT guns (a whole bunch).

The terrain really funnels the russians towards the middle of the map, facing the AT guns while the self-propelled guns are waiting in ambush behind.

My problem is this: no matter what I do, my advancing armoured force is apparantly no match for their guns. Even if supported by loads of artillery, I can't suppress the AT guns, and those damn StuG are just picking my tanks one by one (even if they are ALL shooting back - all I get are missed or deflected shots). I've tried using smoke to move in close, I tried flanking on two sides to divide their firepower but nothing seems to really work and I end up losing most of my tanks before reaching any worthwhile objective.

As anyone played this operation with some success and/or could you give a sense of your loses and tactics?

Thank you very much.

ps: Sorry for the long post.

pps: I am also sorry for spelling errors, english is not my native language.

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