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Anyone had a decisive victory with Allies against Axis AI?

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I just finished my Allied game, and I got all the cities that were mentioned in the victory conditions for a decisive victory. But it only gave a major victiry instead :(

I even replayed part of it, because I didn't have Manilli, but even now that I have it, it won't give me decisive.

Did anyone ever had a decisive victory yet?

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Hi TaoJah

You can see the victory conditions from the scenario select screen by pressing the "victory" button and it does not appear that any of them include a "decisive" victory for the Allies so you appear to have done as well as you possibly could.

If you want to see how they are actually set and change them you can use the editor to open the "Victory" event file. The major script is this and you can see a list of which cities you need to hold which I have put in bold:

; Allied Major Victory


#NAME= Allied Major Victory

#POPUP= ALLIED MAJOR VICTORY %N%NThe Allies Dictate Terms To The Axis Powers

#IMAGE= axis_surrender_1.png, axis_surrender_2.png, axis_surrender_3.png, axis_surrender_4.png, axis_surrender_5.png


#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 1

#AI= 0


#GV= 1[1,100]

#LINK= 0[0]



#DATE= 1939/09/01

; Allies control -> Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Seoul, Chungking, Delhi









#MAP_POSITION= 318,102

#MAP_POSITION= 272,103

;Set National Morale Trigger (dummy value)



As this is set to be for players on difficulty level "0" (= GREEN) you can assume you did better because you were playing on a higher difficulty level.



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You're right, I'm an idiot: I saw "decisive" victory but didn't check if it was Allied or Axis. Odd that Allies can't get a decisive: I hold the entire world in the palm of my hand, so it's as decisive as decisive gets!

Anyway, no biggie, just odd.

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