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New file at the Repository: Brute Force 1939 (AoD) 1.01 (2013-07-25)

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Updated Brute Force 1939 for AoD. ** Please campaign notes under the Brute Force folder in this zip **The major change is that the game is now corp/army with some divisions. Corps and armies are the same unit with the same symbol. This was done to correctly represent armies in the field and allow for specific country modifications.Western Allies and Germany have corps.USSR and Japan have armies.China has armies and some corps that field like Allied divisions in strengthItaly has armies and 2 Alpine corp (equal to Western Allied quality)Minor Changes - Cleaned up rail and roads, added someAdded some towns and citiesUSSR Winter effects don't hit FinlandAdjusted force pools, added new units... not many though.Cleaned up text and fontsImproved A.I. to take advantage of new engineAdded some extra terrainAdded a couple decision eventsEnjoy and offer feedback


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