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Tank threat calculation by AI

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Hi friends,

Here´s a question that occupies me because I never saw that the Hellcats opened fire on the Tiger first, but targeted the Stugs first. After I opened fire with my Tiger one or 2 Hellcats "switched" to the Tiger. That way I lost my Stug first, then I brewed up 2 Hellcats with my Tiger while several shells broke on his front turret armour and then I got my final shot which finished me off by the last Hellcat.

Does the enemy AI calculate something like a order of threats when it has e.g. 2 opposing tanks to fight? Let´s say one tank is a Tiger the other is a PzIII. Does the AI choose the greatest threat (Tiger) or is it just targetting randomly?

If it is targeting randomly wouldn´t it be nice to implement (if it´s not already there) an order of threats the AI has to fight first, I mean in real live (Leopard 2) we were trained to knock out T-64 > T-72 > BMP (if you can imagine why)?



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Guest Big Time Software

The TacAI looks at a whole bunch of factors. They can be grouped into two generalized concerns:

Likely to do damange (based on the target type, its facing, range, etc)

Likely to be caused damage (enemy unit can cause death, is actively targeting, etc.)

There are no absolutes here either, so things can be different in different situations. In the case you outlined, since both the Tiger and the StuG can cause the M18 to be killed, they are somewhat equal in threat value. Hoever, one is clearly easier to kill than the other, so initially the AI went for the StuG. Once it was KO'd, and the Tiger was shooting back, then they decided that their priorites had changed. It is what I would have done!


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