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I have been playing Combat Mission since forever and recently got back into it by picking up CMBN and the Commonwealth module. I am loving it so much that now I am considering pulling the trigger on CMSF and its bundles, CMA, and CMFI and its bundle. I just can't get enough.

I have two questions though and don't know where else to put this so I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

1 - If I buy the games in download + physical copy it says I can play the game immediately but will the physical copy have the same license key as the download?

2 - Would you gents consider the physical copies of the games worth the extra $10? I mean are they attractive and such? I am considering buying a second copy of CMBN+Commonwealth just so I can get the physical version. I did some googling and couldn't find box pictures anywhere.

CMSF2 sounds awesome but sorry, NOTHING trumps Bagration. I cannot wait to pound tigers into the ground with my IS tanks once again :)

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1. Yes

2. If you are in the US Id advice to go for both, if your in Europe like me, Id probably only get the download as shiping and customs are pretty steep. You get a printed manual which is nice but Im not sure if they are sold out. I believe the fancy steel box for CMBN is.

I cant wait for Bagration either! :)

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I'm in USA. Have all of the CMX2 games sitting in my cart right now for $205. Shipping is $14. Just debating at this point because if I go just digital then I can save a ton of money but if I go digital+mail then I can give my download only copy to a buddy of mine and support the company a bit further.

Thanks for the response though and if anyone has pictures of their boxed versions (not the steel box one since I can't buy it) I'd love to see them.

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