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My first total victory in CMBO

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I finally achieved a total victory in CMBO! In fact, I sustained ZERO casualties and ZERO damaged vehicles while inflicting the following losses on my PBEM opponent who was playing the British:

51 casualties (15 KIA)

99 captured

5 mortars destroyed

3 vehicles knocked out

Men okay: 11


My Axis troops:

Men okay: 194 (100%)

Score: 99


To be fair to my opponent, terrain was a big factor. As soon as I saw the map, I knew that I had a fantastic chance of controlling the battle. My men could approach the single victory flag under complete tree cover THE ENTIRE WAY! He, on the other hand, had only broken coverage on the way to the flag with an open field the needed to be crossed to reach it. Also, the flag was significantly closer to me, allowing my troops plenty of time to get there and set-up the weapons. This, I knew, would be a huge advantage. I only feared that he would blast the area with heavy arty. But, even if he did, I had kept a reserve platoon to the rear to fill in any weakened positions. Fortunately, he didn't. I think I killed his arty spotter before he had a chance to use him.

I also feared that he might attempt an attack on my right flank, dislodging me from the VP flag. For that reason, I put 2 SPWs and a PSW to guard that flank, along with an MG42 team. If he had attacked from that position, I probably would have been unable to stop him completely as the main body of my forces were oriented West and not North. He did seem to move a few troops in this direction, but my MG42 and PSW seemed to keep them from making a serious attack from this direction.

He also tried using a tall hill in the left center of the map as a way of bringing suppressive fire down upon me from his Daimler AC combat cars---that was a good plan. But when he crested the hill, he presented himself as a perfect target for my single PSW which killed two of the ACs in short order.

When all was said and done, we had completely routed his infantry and killed all vehicles in short order. He surrendered shortly after.

Now THAT is a victory to warm the heart of this hard-luck wargamer. :D

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Congrats. Probably won't ever happen again. I've never once won a casualty-less victory in either of the three Combat Missions, against a human or a computer. With all those submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, HE rounds, mortars, 105 millimeter artillery, huge tanks, enemy and friendly airplanes strafing you with their arsenals... you're bound to have someone get hit. So enjoy it while it lasts. :D

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