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Saves don't work


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Hi! I have TOW 2 + Add-on installed. After starting new campaign for US in the first mission everything worked great until a moment when suddenly I was not able to save my game. When I press "Save" nothing happens, no "Saving..." tab appears, I am just returned to the mission screen.

I returned to the previous save, then restarted mission, then restarted campaign - I can not do anything to save my progress. From Saves menu I can not delete the existing saves too.

When I win the first US mission, I am returned back to the beginning of the US campaign. At the end of the mission, after distributing xp to the troops when I press "Continue" autosave tab appears but no new save appears in the Saves menu.

I also have TOW 2 Kursk + Add-on installed after the first game, the Kursk saves work. The problem with TOW 2 saves showed up after installing Kursk.

Could there be a conflict between these two games installed on one computer at the same time?

Any help?

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I have checked my AV rules for both TOW 2 games - there is no difference.

I also had the first TOW (complete edition with all add-ons) installed on my old PC together with TOW 2 Kursk (without the add-on) and never experienced any problem with any of them.

My old PC was under Vista and the new one (where I have problem) is running Windows 7. Might it be that these two operating systems handle differently something in the games software?

Also, before the TOW 2 + Centauro stopped saving progress, I installed 1.3.61 patch from battlefront site. Anybody experienced problems after this patch?

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