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Importing units in mission editor

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You need to have whatever units you want to use as "core" units purchased in ONE battle scenario (I'd use your title scenario that sets up the campaign). After that it's a simple process of importing campaign units in to the various battles you've made for the campaign. Good luck to you as I am currently doing the same thing in building a mini-campaign designed around infantry company level battles. Even with using QB maps (hey I'll admit it...Map making is HARD work) it's been a challenge to figure out AI plans and trying to find a balance of what works and what doesn't work.

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I'm not creating a campaign with maps and stuff. I made 2 armylists (OOB's)

I have 2 sides (US/German) and players could sign up to play either side. They then pick an army together and play with that army. It is H2H. Each players sets a challange which another player can accapt. They then create a battle with the armies they both selected.

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Is there a way to load both coreforces?

Not as separate .btt files, what you are doing is creating one sides core force as one file, then the other sides core force as another file, then importing them both into one scenario, but the problem is that one core force file overwrites another, that's why both sides have to be saved as one core force.

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