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Size Matters?

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Although I'm delighted that some attention has been given to my favourite mode of playing, head to head via a LAN, with the new pause function. LAN play is still somewhat less than stellar.

I spent the weekend finding the limits of the 2.0 CMBN/CMFI LAN play and the results are a tad depressing; the largest map that can be played for anything longer than 20 minutes is 800 by 400 meters with a maximum of 15-20 units per side. Anything larger and the game will freeze some 25 - 35 minutes in, eventually resulting in a complete crash, sometimes taking the operating system with it forcing a restart of the computer.

This, mind you, is on two computers that easily handles the large or huge scenarios in single player mode, they're connected via a gigabyte network unencumbered with other traffic and are literally standing right next to each other. How the game handles via the internet I don't think I want to know..

I experimented quite a bit and it always comes down to those three factors;

1. Map Size, the larger the map the quicker the game collapses.

2. Number of units, more units equals shorter time before the crash.

3. Time, the longer the scenario the greater the chance of the game crashing.

You can actually tell when the crash is approaching as the time discrepancy between the two game clocks increase, in one instance we had almost a full minute's difference between the games. Also control of the game gets increasingly erratic.

It's always only the "guest" computer that suffers the problems and the crash, usually the host can quite happily finish the game without noticing that the other computer has frozen.

Happily our little group of players prefer small battles, our speciality is in fact Byte Battles, but it is sad being restricted to small maps as even Byte Battles sometimes need a bit of room to give the players tactical options.

So has anybody out there done any better, is there something to do about this, except of course hoping that Battlefront finds the time to improve the LAN/Internet game?

If so I'm all ears, if not; we live in hope.

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Amizaur; Yeah, so did we... still hoping for a WEGO solution for CMBN but it seems far off... In the meantime a savable, not just pausable LAN game would be a great thing, I suspect that if you could pause and save and restart the game the crashes might be less of a problem since they seem to be a sort of cumulative problem... as I said; We live in hope...

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