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New file at the Repository: Euroscape version 1.0 file 4 (2012-12-08)

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Euroscape version 1.0 will convert your CMSF into a NATO-PACT clash in a European climate. Syria no longer exists in CMSF and is now completely replaced by Russian troops and equipment. Everything has been modded; the GUI, sound, names, voices, uniforms, portraits, sky, terrain, vehicles and buildings. US ARMY, USMC and Russian vehicles have been color matched, camouflaged, detailed and decaled. Some vehicles have been entirely replaced in a process we call “porting”. The BTR-70, BMP-2D and Ural 375 have replaced the BTR-60PB, BMP-2 and ZiL 131. The terrain has been completely modded to match a more temperate climate. Buildings, walls and roads now appear more western. Mods have been used from other artists like Gordon E. Molek, Marco Bergmann, Stagler, Mord and Paul Gulianelli. All the mods have been packaged and matched into eight (8) brz files. I would like to thank the gifted artists who have contributed their talents and our playtesters Tom Konczal, John Osborne and the venerable Mord. Euroscape requires CMSF, CMSF Marines, CMSF British Forces and CMSF NATO, version 1.32. Unzip the contents of the Euroscape version 1.0 files 1 through 8, into the Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\Data\Z folder


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