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New file at the Repository: Icon Pack by Xenon 141 (2012-11-06)

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This Icon pack is an attempt at improving the infantry icons for SC: Global Conflict Gold. With the introduction of unique Icons for level 0 to 2 Infantry Tech I thought it would be nice to have various new icons for these...This pack contains 3D-Icons (sadly so far no zoom-icons) for1939 WaW1948 WaW1939 SoEInstructions:Simply move the unit_spirites files in the corresponding bitmap folder.1939 WaW -> main folder/Bitmaps1948 WaW -> main folder/Campaigns/_1948 World At War/Bitmaps1939 SoE -> main folder(WWI game)/Campaigns/_1939 Storm Over Europe/BitmapsAllways make sure to backup the original files!!!!I hope you like them, in which case I will add the Icons for Zoom and new AT-Guns.If you want to use these icons for your own work, go ahead. Though it would be niceif you'd credit me. ;)by Xenon 141


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