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"Hornet's Nest" scenario AAR

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Hornets Nest

CM BfN Base Game scenario

submitted 21-Sep-11

file author: nik mond

Can only play as USA.

A nicely done scenario. Great map on small scale, well contained, with manageable number of units. Very intense without overwhelming. 2-3 hours for game play time. Well suited to players wanting practice using "dismount" and "procure" commands.

Rate "5" for US play.

- US success is well rewarded by careful recon and patient deployment in accordance with WWII tactical doctrine; specifically as platoon leader cross the streamline and line your platoon abreast with 2 squads up and 1 squad back, establishing good automatic weapons base of fire support. Use scouts and move by squads to "Find, Fix, Flank, & Finish". Relatively short Lines-of-Site within uneven wood lines requires units retain good C2 and constant positioning for mutual support. Will likely need to hold on one flank (defend) but push forward on the other (manuever fires and assault). High ammo consumption makes reinforcements welcome for re-supply purposes as well additional direct combat support.

Only played solo against AI. Force match is even enough that I wonder what those who've played H2H might think. Thank you again, scenario designers!

Good luck and good gaming!

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