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Get Huge Game Discounts for "Friending" The Wargamer on Facebook!!!

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Get these HUGE Discounts just for "Friending" The Wargamer on Facebook!!!!

Our Facebook page can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wargamer/20431466515

(If you have already friended The Wargamer on Facebook just send The Wargamer a message in Facebook and well give you the discounts!)


93% Discount on Petroglyph's Allied Assault and Russian Assault board game titles http://www.petroglyphgames.com/


20% Discount on Battlefront's Strategic Command Global Conflict GOLD Bundle (includes Global Conflict and GOLD expansion) http://battlefront.com/


30% off discounts on all books from Casemate Publishing http://www.casematepublishing.com/


20% off discounts on all books from Osprey Publishing http://www.ospreypublishing.com/

All of these discounts expire on July 1st, so hurry!!!! We will send the discounts via message in Facebook.

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Come on man, discounts for Facebook?

How about we clip coupons like a woman to save an extra 3%?

How about save 50 cents for a Twitter message?

How about give a free Greek Junk Bond with every purchase?

How about a free popcicle stick if you buy during the summer?

I spend $120 to fill my Truck with gas every third day. Do I care about a cost of a game?

Keep kickin' out quality,


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