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Automatic Force selection

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Hi, someting else I thought had been worked on, has it ?

Played quick battle today, automatic force selection.

play as germans set to Mech Inf, I get- 1 Pz Gn Batt, Stummel, puma, psw 222,plus1 unattached pltn, but minus all the battalion's heavy mg's.

Ai set to mix, it gets- 7 shermans, 1 armoured car, 1 halftrack, an mg and a bazooka.

A battalion going into battle with no mgs whatsoever is unrealistic, but the ai mixed force, is no mix at all.

Shouldn't a mixed force in almost all cases, be infantry heavy, supported by armour? The way it is just now, it seems that the automatic force selection is useless, as it can't be depended on, to make realistic choices. Really annoying, considering the time it takes, to load a battle, sort out a battalion, then commence play, only to find the battle is hopelessly lopsided and virtually unwinable, for either one side or the other.

It would be good if this could be improved, as it takes away from the game, if you always end up choosing the ai's force, in a battle. Anyone know the official line on this ?


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it is an unfortunate state of affairs. whats worse - its the only option in CMA and CMSF so it makes QBs unplayable mostly.

I try using human force selection and I click on the 'suggested' box when it comes to the AI. I usually click a couple times (because Im crazy and it seems the 2nd and 3rd suggestions are always much more reasonable) and I try not to peek ;)

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