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New file at the Repository: Mord & Darknight Canuck's Commonwealth Portraits V3.1 (20

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V. 3.1It's here! Over 2100 Commonwealth and Base Game portraits for you WWII addicted freaks! Over a month in the making...two guys, hundreds of hours and many tears. Includes 100% all new material! Massively improved! A huge assortment of styles with division patches for all nations and all branches. Regimental and battalion patches for all Commonwealth forces.Hugely expanded Base Game Heer portraits. There's enough here to fight from Normandy to Market Garden.See the various READMEs for more info and thank yous...AND a HUGE thanks to Darknight Canuck for all his hard work helping getting this bad boy out! CHANGELOG MORD & DARKNIGHT CANUCK'S CW PORTRAITS 3.1 April 24th 2012Fixed missing Reg patches on Brit 3rd Inf Div, 2nd Middlesex Regiment.Fixed missing shoulder patches for Brit XII CorpsAdded 348th German Inf DivAdded Free French Forces; with patches; Armor, Arm Infantry and InfantryRecolored the German 85th Inf DivRecolored the German 254th DivCorrected the name of the 346th German Infantry Div (had it named as the 348th)Added Stug Brigades 243, 244, 278, 280, 341, 394,667, 902, 905, and 911.


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