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Possible to get Tank off Beach?

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Just played as Germans, and no AT guns. I suppose this is in the name of game balance. Or the Battle Front team are poopy headed jerkfaces.

WTF! The Americans were down to one tank (and one soldier on the beach that had rallied the turn before. The tank was surrounded on the penultimate turn, yet managed to sprint to the victory location, where my reserve unit couldn't hit it at point blank range on a rear shot (the tank was distracted by a flanking maneuver by team I had been withdrawing into the woods to the West).

Well, I guess that's how the non-posthumous Medals of Honor are awarded. Allied minor victory? Hmmmph!

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.... As the Germans?

Similar to Marcos, at the end I had 2 infantry squads - one with 6 panzer fausts and one with none.

So I attacked with the sad unit and turned the tank - my other squad then popped off all 6 panzer Faust shots over a number of turns - no joy from that and then my 2 squads slowly died.

I'm thinking that I might need to try and take out the tank on the beach with a fire mission from my FO. Hopefully the top armor on that QUicky-MArt tank will collapse under the strain ....

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