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Has anyone every taken this area of AH by the Russians in the early part of the war?

Aside from perhaps facing someone in there first game of PvP I cant invision this area falling to the Russians. Now I'm all for player decisions, I dont feel we should be forced into following history exactly (sadly some decision events ect force this) but this area seams way out of wack. Starting with the Fortress of Lemberg

Lemberg, Battles of

In World War I, fighting between Austrian and Russian forces 1914–15 around the fortress town of Lemberg in Galicia (now Lviv, Ukraine). The Russians were driven out of the area by German forces June 1915 and it remained in German hands for the remainder of the war.

The Austrian army fell back to Lemberg when defeated by the Russians at Sokal August 1914. Three Austrian armies were advancing east to do battle; the 2nd was based on Lemberg, the 1st was about 15 km/9 mi south of Lemberg, and the 3rd was in southwest Poland. The Russians mustered four armies and when the 2nd Austrian advanced, the Russians, under General Alexei Brusilov and General Nikolai Russky, almost encircled it and completely defeated it, while effectively keeping the other two Austrian armies at bay. This defeat led what was left of the 2nd Army to retire and abandon Lemberg to the Russians.

When does this every happen?

A few thoughts:

Move the fortress hex from 287/57 to 288/58. This would make it more a frontier fortress and it would recive less support from the other key areas south and west of its current location.

AH was horibally unprepared for war yet with each patch it seams they get stronger... they have added 2 detatchments since 1.01. They were the last great power to start mobizing and had the poorest planning for war of all the great powers. Eather pull 2(?) corps off the board and delay them a few turns or reset them to each capital appearing one turn after the start.

Granted this will not stop the CP from operating in a few units from germany early on if they wish but thats a players decision... and they might not get for into France if they do.

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I brought this subject up right after the game was released (I'm sure you can do a search for the thread). It is better now than it used to be, when the mountains basically hugged both fortified towns on 3 sides! It was a bit of a design construct (unneeded, IMO) to help the Austrian defenders out. Bill's changes to the map created a more accurate representation of the geography, but I still don't think the "fix" went far enough (e.g. that whole stretch of mtns around Stanislow and Kolomea shouldn't be there, and the hills in front should be plains).

I think a better place for Lemberg would be 288/57, as your 288.58 pushes it back toward the mountains.

But, in terms of the Austrians ALWAYS holding onto Lemberg in 1914, human player or not, we also shouldn't underestimate the human player's desire to not replicate the thing that led the Austrians to lose Lemberg in the first place (a foolish offensive that left their right flank basically open).

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