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Oscar and suicide charges


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Fist, Oscar... you there? What do you think

now the BETA demo is out?

Second, concerning the suicide charge.

I was convinced this had happened to me.

The last I has seen of an SS squad was entering the first house in the Last Defence

scenario and shooting my Zookman.

On my left flank I had an MG plus 2 depleted squads plus HQ with loads of Ammo in 2 loors.

Everybody but the HQ was on HIDE as the were low on Ammo so only the HQ was firing at some assaulting infantry.

From, seemingly nowhere, the SS appeared

and tried to storm this position when, like something out of Butch and Sundance, EVERYBODY opened up on them.

"SS prats" I thought. Until I realised they must only have known about the 4-man HQ in the house.

I did have a German HQ unit assault an M18 with the equivalent of a balloon on a stick though... that can't be right!

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Oh it CAN be right. You remember those M18s are OPEN-TOPPED right?

All that HQ unit needed was to drop ONE grenade in there and your shiny M18 was a piece of scrap wink.gif

The AI is NOT stupid.. If you see it doing something stupid then either :

a) it was blinded by FOW or

B) it's doing something really smart but you just haven't realised it yet




Fionn Kelly

Manager of Historical Research,

The Gamers Net - Gaming for Gamers

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Guest Big Time Software

Hehe... generally Fionn is correct, but the AI does have a tendency right now to treat HQs more like squads. So although the actions you described aren't really that dumb, the unit it chose (the HQ) was most likely not the best choice. Still, a 4man HQ with a bad attitude can really cause some major damage wink.gif


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