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Looking for Naval warefare footage, esp. US pacific WW2


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ok pretty much everyone will know the short bits that are on youtube and liveleak and sites like that. but i am looking for more then few second fractions, anyone know if one can get the full version of this videos somewhere? i looked around with google but i am no native english speaker maybe i did search the wrong words, i found nothing interessting.

as in title, i look for anything naval warefare on video, and not short chunks of it, WW1 + WW2(i think pacific theater should have houers of footage, where is all that?), anything realy no matter if filmed form ship or plane.

the ships whitening up the see and shooting their huge arsenal is a awe inspiring sight, but there is so few good footage.

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seems to be realy hard to get this sort of footage :(

Yeah, like I said, if you are after the raw footage, better be ready to spend a lot of time in the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and similar institutions. Some universities might have copies of some of the footage, and some movie studios or similar organizations, like tv networks news/historical departments might also. But expect to invest a lot of work in tracking it down and prying copies out of their owners' hands.


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