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Turn Off Death Pause?

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I have downloaded Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943, and all is O.K up to the time when somebody,or something is destroyed... then the game enters the 'pause' mode...

This drives me NUTS. :mad:... I have made sure the 'Pause' in set up, is NOT selected, and still the thing stops... I found the file within the game that gives you all the specs etc, BUT, it will not allow you to change any of the settings.. so the section on 'Messages', that lists the option's, will not allow me to put 'None', instead of 'Pause' and whatever else it says, and then 'save'.....

So... what do I do to stop that annoying, and frustrating, 'pause', which is spoiling what would be a good 'sim'....

Look forward to someone who is wise, and knows how to fix this...

All the best...... Wonky :cool:

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