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  1. I'd buy a SEA expansion for this game in heart beat😀
  2. Yep it works, Thank you. If you could, can you lock this post as the issue has been resolved
  3. Ah ok, that makes sense, thank you for all the help youguys have given me so far
  4. Here's what it looks like on the inside. I'll try to run it as admin later
  5. Correction, download and everything, maps and everything , no campaigns or scenarios, screenshots for proof. any ?
  6. Thank you sir, you were very helpful, its there. I can't wait to play one of my most hyped for games
  7. attached are screen shots , would it be best for me to ping support? i've tried downloading the rar file twice from different methods and it finishes installing like this every time
  8. Although, I think I found a solution to my problem
  9. I can't play scenarios but i can launch the game, Ill post a screen shot to show what Im talking about
  10. windows, yes I installed it as admin and playing as admin thanks for the expideant response
  11. Title says it all, any solutions, Thanks Fangs Out
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