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  1. Will Battlefront price match with Steam, or does it intend to keep its price at $60 for games like Combat Mission: Black Sea, Shock Force 2? Been thinking about buying a CM game. I know buying directly from Battlefront you can get the game and a Steam key, so you don't have to rely on Steam if you don't want to. This is not a knock against Steam's utility, it's just an option that interests me. I do know BF remains separate from Steam and Slitherine, but am surprised Battlefront won't have it on sale at a similar price. I guess I also ought to ask another question. Can customers who buy off of Steam receive a copy of the game from Battlefront as long as the order/information is valid?
  2. I think the Abrams destroying the T-90s crossing the map is more accurate than the alternative. The M1A2 Abrams has superior optics and range than any Russian tank sight. It has a 50x zoom whereas the T-90 has a 12x zoom. Russia is severely lacking in the field of optics. The Abrams were stationary and the T-90s were not.
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