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  1. I played this mission again and I managed to destroy Abrams tanks by using at least two heavy artillery pieces at the same time. That is 6 x 155mm guns with heavy fire mission on medium duration. Precision strikes couldn't destroy tanks, they only damaged external systems and eventually immobilized tanks (main guns still worked). My gunships had no effect against APS. Every ATGM was intercepted. Also, I managed to flank one damaged and immobilized abrams with one of my T-90s and it took three shots to destroy it.
  2. Didn't know that. Thanks for the tip! Can that mission cover larger area than the one with single aircraft?
  3. I just finished the Ukrainian campaign and the last mission was brutal. I played Russian and US campaigns earlier and last mission was always challenging, but this is by far the hardest one. After 3 hours of grinding, my forces reached the base, but managed to clear only small part of it. I failed the mission with catastrophic losses on both sides and Russians still had more than 200 men left (and some BMPs). How did you approach this mission and with what result? Enemy air support and artillery caused most of my losses. How do you counter it (besides hiding armor in treeline)? My MA
  4. Oh, I'm new to CMBS, didn't know that APS is so overpowered. But why do helicopter ATGMs miss the target entirely (they hit ground or some building 30-50m away from tank)? I thought APS blows up incoming projectiles, but to me it seems they fail to guide...
  5. I'm on 5th mission of russian campaign (Crossing the Dniepr), and the US tank from screenshot below basically halted my entire force. It was well hidden between two houses with a perfect view down the road I had to advance. I suspected that crossroad was well guarded, so I first shelled that area with 155mm heavily. I don't know if I hit it then, but that whole area took a lot of damage. After that, I sent a t-90 down the road and it got hit immediately and burst into flames. After that, I used infantry squads to spot it from the flank because I knew the approximate location. After pinpo
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