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  1. Good to know, looks like it was the latest nvidia geforce driver released on the 19th for the 10 series. I visited the Nvidia forums seems like a lot of ppl not happy with that release, rolled the driver back and np now.
  2. Thanks for the tips, i'll keep that in mind. Yes the Russian AI was spot on killed most of my armor in my first attempt, thought i could hide my armor at the edge of the woods and try and pick off the Russian armor but they were so accurate they zoned in with just a couple of shots even though i managed to pick off a few i was almost totally wiped out before my reinforcements arrived. After that i was CTD quite a bit not sure if any of the mods are having an impact, i'll try without mods at some point and see how it behaves. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Thanks, yes my FO and HQ died in that bldg more than once lol the shelling starts from the opening move which imo is a bit unfair seeing as we don't get the same option. I tried hiding my armor in the forest but they seem to get knocked out pretty quickly, i must be doing something wrong, maybe i'll come back to that battle a little later after i have a bit more experience, cheers for the help.
  4. Hi guys/girls does anyone have some tips/advice for playing Angriff, i'm a bit stuck and bogged down in the opening phase playing as the Germans. I don't want to know how to win just some advice pls, cheers
  5. Well he did say "indecipherable sense of humor"
  6. Cheers, yeah good to hear real world performance, not that i'm discounting what utubers often say but benchmarks don't always tell the whole story.
  7. The added feeling of satisfaction of building your own rig is a nice bonus too. Thanks for the vid, i watched this one just a few days ago, looking at replacing my last mechanical drive with one of these light weight babies. Cheers mate
  8. Thanks for that, i don't have it, but i will shortly thanks much appreciated mate
  9. Yea sounds like a horror show, good to hear you got what you wanted in the end. Youtube is great, has saved my ass quite a few times, i learnt how to fix my fridge watching a utube vid, i did have to buy a replacement part but without utube i wouldn't have known how to diagnose the prob or even fit the part. Amazon only started here in in the last year or so i think, it doesn't have the same amount of goods for sale as Amazon.com or UK but it's growing. Actually i did buy the Maximus Hero VII from amazon.com i got it shipped through our Australian Post system as the seller didn't directly ship to Australia. Our postal system offers a service to overcome this by providing Australian customers with a US address which is basically a warehouse/office where goods are received and the sent on to Australia which was great for me as i couldn't find a "new" mid to high end m/board for sale in australia as all the retailers had moved on from the Haswell architecture, didn't mind paying the extra shipping costs either lol. I still check out Amazon US especially during your "Black friday" sales which has caught on here now. Since then i've found a really good Pc shop in the city which has quite good prices, i bought a Samsung Evo 860 500 Gb SSD and a Samsung 250 Gb M.2 SSD from them which i initially considered getting from Amazon but the PC shop was cheaper. What do you think of your Firecuda SSHDs? am interested to know how they perform in the real world? Windows Xp huh whats wrong with XP, lol just kidding, i actually run XP as a VM but it's not quite the same, more of an emulator, so glad i didn't throw out my old Dell desktop it's so old i don't remember the model lol. Nice to give yourself a decent gift every now and then you must be pretty happy with your rig.
  10. Sounds like that was painful experience with that EVGA card, i wonder how many other customers they lost, it's easy to lose customers when you don't look after them. I purchased a m/board from new egg and it was total crap had send it back, only 2 ram slots worked and the board was warped so i put in for a refund took 3 mths to get the full refund, they initially refunded me just for postage had to contact them again and they're like np we'll refund you the remaining amount 3 mthx later i finally got the full refund after numerous chats with them, first and last time i do business with new egg. Sounds like your running a pretty decent system! Yeah your right about the high prices resulting more from the greedy retailers rather than the manufacturer, anything to make an easy dollar!
  11. Yes i read quite a bit about the bit coin miners driving up prices, good thing you got yours b4 the prices went up, i wasn't so fortunate, i was in the same boat, there was a shortage of cards here in Australia and exorbitant prices right when my old card died, i settled for a mid range card MSI GTX 1060 couldn't afford anything above that plus i'm running on fairly old architecture ( i7 4770) with a Hero Maximus VII m/b so i didn't want to shell out too much cash as i will be upgrading at some point when this system kicks the bucket. Strange they're naming it as a 1060. Your vid card should be good for awhile though? Yea i was a bit cheesed off too by bit coin miners when i bought my card. I don't think the market will drop though the manufacturers know they can sell their product at higher prices so i doubt things will improve but you never know.
  12. Thanks Ben much appreciated, i will read that and brush up on Nvidia i generally don't play with things unless i have to so that link will help thx mate. Also d/loaded one of your mods too Ben, the German foliage helmet mod, looks cool with the insignia, Cheers mate
  13. I have and there is an improvement using the in game AA not a helluva lot but it seems to be working correctly now. Previously though it made no difference whatsoever, i tried a ton of different combos using the Nvidia control panel but nothing seemed to work, as i mentioned before it actually got worse even with FXAA turned off. I also checked a lot of Windows settings as well like scaling etc to see if there was anything else impacting on the game which eventually lead me to some system diagnostics and the .dll reinstall. Appreciate everyone's advice though it all helps when it comes to diagnosing and fixing these annoying problems, so glad it's finally fixed. Also i d/loaded a couple of your mods, really like the splash screen mod, nice work, haven't tried out the others yet but will do soon. PS the text problem visible the very first time i started the game
  14. Hi Mord, yeah i'm not 100% sure what was going on there but i've been doing some digging lol that pun, seems that some of my .dll files could have been having an impact as well, i scanned my system and found some unregistered 32x .dll files used by the 64x system. I spent quite some time looking on various forums regarding this and it seems it's not that uncommon which can result in text looking quite bad and "smudged" as one person described it, before i solved the issue i played around with the settings in the Nvidia control panel and in game settings in the "Options" menu and the text actually got worse at one point it looked quite faded, when i hovered my mouse pointer over the text however it brightened and became slightly clearer until i moved my mouse away. In the end i was able to through the "Command" prompt reinstall the .dll files and everything seems ok now, i am not 100% sure which fix did the trick but the text is now displaying correctly and easily readable for me now. (also increased text size in windows)
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