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  1. If you purchase on BF you can get a Steam key courtesy of Slitherine, that was for SF2 and BS but I'm unsure if this policy will continue.
  2. Would you say Cold War will be released prior to the release of Fire and Rubble at this point?
  3. I do not see that lower explosion insignia. Edit: It appears the key marked for the Battle Pack is another key for the game?
  4. I am using the shortcut. I'll be sure to put in a ticket if I can't get it working tonight, thanks.
  5. Hey everyone, I just picked up CMBS after dumping an excessive amount of playtime in to the WW2 titles and SF2, and am trying to activate my key for the battle pack, but, it doesn't appear to be working. It just says it redeemed the main game and I'm not seeing any new engagements in the Battle menu. Anyone know a fix or how to properly redeem the key?
  6. That raises my next question, given that I'm debating three titles: Battle For Normandy Bundle Shock Force 2 Bundle Black Sea
  7. Does Battlefront really do sales for the holiday season? I'm debating getting my second game, given how long and how much I love Fortress Italty with the module, and am seriously hoping for a sale so I can get Normandy and one of the modern titles.
  8. I'm looking to pick up my first Combat Mission game, and am torn between Final Blitzkrieg, Battle for Normandy, and Fortress Italy. Can anyone enlighten me as to the major differences between them other than what theatre they follow? I'm mainly curious about mechanics, the amount of units, and the amount of scenarios, alongside general enjoyment. Alongside that, I'm also curious as to how exactly the engine upgrades work. If I buy, say, Fortress Italy, and want to upgrade to Upgrade 4, do I have to have purchased upgrade 3 prior to that, or can I just go right into Upgrade 4?
  9. Thanks Ales. I've currently submitted a helpdesk request, but was just checking here to see if anyone knew an instant fix. Appreciate it!
  10. I'm currently trying to play the Demo for Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, and when I launch it through the little launcher program it runs, nothing happens. The launcher closes, and the game does not launch. I'm on windows 10, and can play Battle for Normandy, Black Sea, and Final Blitzkrieg.
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