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  1. Hello, I come a little bit late but the helmet that he show is post-war maybe for paratroopers forces. You can take a look here : http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/headgear-steel-helmets-rkka-red-army-soviet-army/soft-tank-helmet-t34-679843/ Regards
  2. IanL can you tell me which AV do you use ? Cause I had avast before but maybe since I have a clean install another software is better ? (i'm on Windows 10).
  3. Hello, I've made a complete and fresh reinstall of my computer and now both of the games works fine in 4.00. Been a long time time that I wanted to do it because some software didn't work properly already or didn't launch anymore (and worked fine before) when I saw that even the console for activate the products crashed, I didn't have any other option. I'm pretty sure important files were removed on my computer one day (CCleaner fault maybe) and that's how everything started .... in any case thanks everyone for your help and time, I can finaly play this awesome games !
  4. Hello, Thanks for your answer, I plan in any case to do a complete new and fresh reinstallation of my PC so I can always give it a try after that. For answer RT crashed way before the 4.00 version, I played in December, January, February and I stopped, I wanted to go back in May and it crash.
  5. I hope so ... also I just buy the 4.0 version for FB and ... just like RT (the game launch that's not what I mean) the console for "activate the new product" launch and like 5 seconds after crash directly ... i can't even typing something
  6. Hello, I guess it's a lost cause ? I tried everything ... Deactivated my AV and firewall during install = Fail Remove and reinstall = Fail Install it on another partition = Fail Launch it on steam (saw one thread were it works) = Fail Dancing naked around my computer during a full moon and rainy day = Fail I absolutely change nothing at my computer whatsoever ... I bought Red thunder the 1 december 2016 and Last Blitz 11 december 2016, I put mods on this two games (skin, campaigns, sounds etc ...) and now I can only play L
  7. Nothing change and when I try to use the activation console on the red thunder files it crash directly ... I guess I have the most rare bug of all Or maybe my computer don't like the red army since I can play LB
  8. Hello, Thanks again for your answer, I'm home tomorrow so I will try it but I can assure you that I didn't change anything on my computer.
  9. Hello, Thanks for your answer everyone, I will try directly the 4.00 version then, but I must say ... I tried to download the demo of RT and once installed .... I can't launch it just like the full game ! But Last Blitz work just fine ... I ... just don't understand anymore, really ... Maybe I have a folder of Red thunder somewhere who block my game every time, but I will try to install the 4.0 version with no antivirus active and see what happened.
  10. Hello, nothing new the support don't respond me since a little time ... Tell me guys, when you go on the battlefront website and you check your order, on the war thunder game for downloading it again, you have this files right ?
  11. Hello, Yeah I just sent the ticket yesterday to the support didn't have the time to take care of the problem before. I bought RT the 1 December 2016, Played it all along with alot of mods, didn't play it to May 2017 to 5 July 2017 and suddendly didn't launch anymore, I didn't touch anything on my computer or on the game ... but LB still work as the first day ... Really strange I know ...
  12. Hello, Late respond but didn't have much time lately ... Just for told you I tried your astuce and that still don't work ... I bought the 4.00 version so I install the game with the 2.00 files for the complete install, Try to launch it don't work, I install the 4.00 I launch and still don't work
  13. Thanks for your answer, I will try that once the CM installer is download, since a little time my connexion is bad ... so that will take time, I will try it and tell you after if that work.
  14. I already tried 4 times to reinstall so I guess I will contact the support, thanks in any case.
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