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  1. Got the download link from support, and both codes for base game upgrade and marines module upgrade worked. Orders on battlefront store page now correctly show as 'Completed'. Thanks John/Battlefront! Please close thread
  2. On the phone with PayPal now trying to void the original transactions, but they're saying only Battlefront can do that...then hopefully I can just re-purchase using a different payment method? It's even more confusing because I did receive Activation Codes for both the base game upgrade and Marines module, but no download link! Haven't heard back from support yet but I'm an impatient person 😐. What a nightmare..... Highly recommend anyone to use ANYTHING OTHER THAN PAYPAL!
  3. Yeah nothing there either. As per my previous post I suspect the PayPal "eCheck" payment is the issue here, as I can see the transaction also has not posted to my bank account yet either. Odd that I would receive the Battlefront receipts with no links and an activation code but oh well? Hopefully Battlefront can advise how I can cancel these and re-order with immediate payment. Product Name Price Quantity Total Shipment # 1 - Download item - no shipping required Shipment status: Pending CMSF1 Base Game Upgrad
  4. I think I see the problem here: My PayPal receipts show these as an "eCheck Payment", and says it usually takes 3-5 business days to complete. Why this is an "eCheck" and not automatic as with every other purchase I've made with PayPal, I don't know, but it's incredibly frustrating as I now would prefer to void the original transaction and just pay with a method where I can access my purchase instantly. Others have also said that their PayPal payment went through immediately? I've opened a support ticket but haven't heard back yet, probably because it is a Sunday and still relati
  5. Also no link in the main upgrade confirmation: Shipment # 1 - Download item - no shipping required $0.00 CMSF1-UPBG Activation Code(s): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade Options: Delivery : Download Only Platform : Windows $15.00 (Not Taxable) 1
  6. Did get receipt from both paypal and battlefront. Have already filed a support ticket but it's very frustrating as I have a full weekend planned and was hoping to get time in tonight to play. First time i've ever had an issue with Battlefront's payment system. Hopefully it is resolved quickly.
  7. Got an email confirmation showing the following: CMSF1 Marines Module Upgrade Options:Delivery Option : Digital Download Platform : Windows Download URL: There is no download for this product No download anywhere.
  8. I paid via PayPal but my order now says 'Processing' and I do not have a download link. Is there a delay with PayPal orders and if so is there a way to cancel and re-buy using a payment method that will allow for immediate download?
  9. I purchased the upgrades and can see activation codes on the order page, but I do not see any link to download? Is this available via my original CMSF1 order page?
  10. Hi Guys, I am planning to purchase hopefully in the next couple days but had two more questions first: 1.) I understand I need to buy the CMSF2 Base Game Upgrade and Marines Module Upgrade (I own the bundle) - do I then get an all-in-one installer after purchasing Marines, or do I need to download and install the Base CMSF2, then download and install Marines SF2 after that? 2.) Will prices for the upgrades be going up after a certain amount of time? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Steve, I did purchase the CMSF1 + Marines bundle, so I guess I should hold off until those issues are resolved?
  12. Hi all, I am a CMSF1 owner looking for exactly what I need to do to purchase + install the SF2 upgrade. I currently own CMSF1 + Marines module. Do I need to purchase the CMSF2 Upgrade first ($15), then the Marines SF2 upgrade ($10) in order to have the 4.0 version of the content I own? I do not have CMSF1 currently installed on my computer. Do I need to install this first, then run the upgrade for CMSF2 base game, followed by CMSF2 Marines upgrade?
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