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  1. They have fired earlier in the game, so that should not be an issue. Thanks, though.
  2. I'm playing "Panzers on the Move," part of the tutorial campaign game. I wanted to fire all 4 of my mortars into an area around the TRP in my objective. I used the shift key to select all 4 mortars, selected my area target, chose Heavy and Maximum and clicked Confirm. When the action began, I heard radio calls of "Fire for Effect" followed by voice commands among the mortar crews of "Cease Fire!" No mortars were launched. The only thing I could think of is that maybe an earlier Cease Fire order overlapped the fire mission order and canceled it out. Make sense to anyone?
  3. I am playing the La Fiere scenario that came with the game. The author says he would welcome feedback. Is there a special part of the forum where that is done, or do I just post the feedback here? Thanks. Kostka7
  4. No, I never solved it. I am avoiding the problem by seldom saving the game and leaving it running in the background. I am using a MacBook Air with OS X 10.9.2, but at that time it might have been 10.8.
  5. Wicky, you are right! Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. I didn't even notice the documents folder on the disk when I installed the application. I guess I was just too excited to get started playing.
  6. Thanks, sburke, but I should have mentioned that I'm running this on a Mac. All I have is <CM Red Thunder.app>. The app does have contents, which I have explored thoroughly without success. Maybe you would email me the PDF files? skostka@aol.com
  7. I bought the mail-order version of the game, which came with two paper manuals: "Combat Mission Game Engine Manual Version 3.0" and "Combat Mission Red Thunder." Is it possible to download PDF versions of these so I can avoid lugging the paper versions with me when I'm traveling? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks, but the game is in the Applications folder. I just did a "Find" and couldn't find any duplicate copies. Right now I'm playing, saving every few minutes, and checking to make sure the saved file is where it should be. When/if that doesn't happen, I will attach the file for others to have a look at.
  9. <<It doesn't sound to me like it is the sort of issue which would be scenario-specific: but can you try another scenario or two, briefly for a few turns, and see if the same thing happens again?>> No, it's not scenario-specific. It has happened to me 3 times, each time on a different scenario. It doesn't always happen, however.
  10. <<this may seem odd, but when you load the last save (I assume the 002 file) is it the save you expect it to be or is it the last save (006?) you ran but can't seem to find?>> Thanks, but I thought of that, too. But 002 is a long way from showing what was going on when I saved 006.
  11. <<- are you playing this single-player, against the AI, and thus saving the games via clicking on the menu button, then choosing save? Or playing as a PBEM game, and generating a save by clicking the red turn advance button? Or are you perhaps doing both, and making intermediate saves of unfinished turns via the menu before you complete a PBEM turn? Because, the two types of saved games are put indifferent folders: PBEM game turns go to the outgoing email folder, for you send to your opponent, whilst solo saved games go in the (duh!) saved games folder;>> I am playing solo again
  12. Thanks in advance for your help. - does the game behave and close down normally after the invisible saves (I'm sort of assuming so, or you'd say not specifically?), or does it clearly hang in some way? Everything was running fine. I thought I would check in the folder to make sure I 6 saves there, but found only two. - are you quitting the game right after the saves, or staying in to continue playing? Continuing playing. - Can you find the two saves you do have only in the in-game load screens? Or are you using Finder (?) to look into the file structure itself to see what is th
  13. This has happened to me twice before, and I'm about to give up on CM because of it. I am playing "CW Keep Calm and Carry On." I have saved the game 6 times, but only the first two saved games, saved yesterday, are in the Saved Games folder. Today's four saved games don't appear anywhere. This is such a good game system, I hate to quit it, but this is ridiculous. Help? Running Mac OS X 10.9.1 on a Macbook Air.
  14. Two newbie questions about bunkers: 1. Can infantry enter an enemy bunker? It's just another building, so it seems they should be able to do so, but I can't make my guys do it, even though I think it's empty. 2. How can troops with demo charges knock out a bunker? The manual says they can throw charges if they are close enough, but how close is close enough? WHere is the "throw" command? Can they rush to the wall and set off a demo charge? How do they do that? Thanks!
  15. I did not know that. I'll try it. Thanks!
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