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  1. Thank you for answer Arzok ! Now it is working. If I want to have all missions in my diary, I have to do it for the init of every mission? Or is it possible in another way that all missions appear in the diary? Have a good day! airfighter55
  2. Hello Sneaksie, can you please have a look to the thread : "ToW 2 Africa Cheat Win Mission" ! There I have an answer and a question for you. I need your advice. You are the only expert. Thank you so much ! airfighter 55
  3. Hello Sneaksie, Thank you so much. It works very well now. But I can not start next mission. No diary of next mission. Have I to change or add a trigger or a file ? ( In init or in the users folder-keys, settings,version,game-) ? Or have I to add a trigger loss mission? Would be very grateful for help. All the best airfighter55
  4. Hello, I want to play a mission in TOW2 Africa without have played the mission before. Is it possible ? To go directly to every mission? There must be a solution by change files or triggers in the main directory of the game. Or win the mission before by change a trigger-save this mission-and you can play the next mission and so on. In TOW2 Kursk it is possible ! All the best and thanks for advice airfighter55
  5. Hello VonManstein, you have an advice ??!! (Thank you for help to stop smart pause) All best wishes for you and all our TOW friends airfighter55
  6. Hello VonManstein !! Thank you for advice to stop the smart pause ! Can you give me advice too, how I can play a mission without playing the mission before ? It is possible to change a trigger for this in the trigger folder of the game? Or in the main directory? Would be grateful for your advice airfighter55
  7. Hello friends of TOW 2 Africa, I am searching for a possibility to play a mission without playing the mission before. Can I change for this a file in the folder user\game.ini ?? There you can also change and stop automatic pause ! Thank you for help and advice. airfighter55
  8. Hello Sneaksie, I have a question for playing the missions without playing the mission before. Is there perhaps a possibility to change a file in the folder user\game.ini ?? In this folder I was also successful to stop the automatic pause ! Perhaps you have an idea. Best wishes airfighter 55
  9. Hello Sneaksie, the problem is, I can not open Options.exe !! Do you have a solution ?
  10. I bought the game by download from Battlefront. I don`t know what" DEP exception " means!? What I have to do now? Please another question: Is there a possibility to play all missions without playing the mission before? Can I change something in the game for this? Thank you airfighter55
  11. Hallo Arzok, I open a mission with mission editor, but I can find only the trigger "init" not "initmission". I think perhaps there is a possibility to open a mission without playing the mission before? Can I open a mission for playing with the editor? Or can I change a folder so that I can play every mission? You have advice? airfighter55
  12. Big Problem !! I can not open Options.exe. ! I know that I am not alone with this problem ! My System is XP SP 3. All games I have running very well. Only I have the problem with ToW Africa. Would be very grateful for help. airfighter55
  13. Is it possible to disable the circle around the unit for clear screenshots ?? Thank you for help airfighter55
  14. I have to learn some options of the game and I need a little bit help. Is it possible to have a look from the aircrafts to the battlefield ?? Would be very grateful for help ! airfighter55
  15. Is it a smart pause? I have the problem that the game all the time stopped after killing a soldier or destroying a vehicle. Can I disable it ? All the best airfighter55
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