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  1. I searched but could not find - is there already a discussion about this?


    I see, every now and then, vehicles coming under fire from a serious threat and they don't take cover or avoidance action. Then they're destroyed. So, for example, in FB, in the Meijel scenario - and this is just one example - a Panther at one end of a road comes under fire from an M8 at the other end. So the M8 knows the threat is there, because it's firing at it. The Panther advances towards the M8 firing, over two turns (2 minutes) and misses 6 times, in fact. The M8 - controlled by the AI opponent - is sufficiently alarmed for the commander to button up. But over 2 minutes and 6 shots the M8 doesn't seek cover and doesn't move from the middle of the road - and the 7th shot kills it. Before it died I surrendered and checked its status - it wasn't immobilized or otherwise damaged. 


    I see this kind of thing a bit too much to ignore. But is this just how it is? Or is there already a discussion about this kind of thing which I haven't managed to find? 


    Many thanks. 

  2. I second the points Bulletpoint makes - the mapping in this campaign is suggestive of the real world locations, but that's it, especially with regards to how villages and urban landscapes are depicted. I'm 3 missions in and all the maps so far have been a bit odd for me, mainly because they don't look like European towns/villages from that area and I'm used to CM maps having a high fidelity, that being one of the attractions of the series. There are many multi-story townhouse type buildings, for example, which you don't have there, and didn't have back then either as far as I can make out (I live near and have visited quite a few times). Some areas have been 'compressed'. The villages look like much larger towns should look, I think.

    The campaign itself, and the missions, are enjoyable and challenging with a cool force mix. So - thought of as a free campaign (as someone said above), yes, it's fun. 

  3. Must be related to the install size. Smallest ever install. 4GB, plus half a gig in the documents folder. How come a 4 module pack takes up only 4GB when CMFB, for example, takes up 14GB?? I wish they were all this small, then I wouldn't have to choose which 2 I could afford to put on the SSD. 

  4. No problems here - all downloaded v quickly and installed without issues. Thanks.


    1. It's a very small install - the smallest ever - only 4GB. Nice (considering SSD space is limited), but is there a reason, I wonder, why a 4 module bundle is only 4GB (plus half a gig in the documents folder) and CMFB, for example, rolls in at 14GB???!! What's the extra 10GB in CMFB? Even CMRT and BS - the previous smallest installs - were twice this size. 


    2. Plus I have a question about the battles. Are they 'updated'? I understand the campaigns for the base and marines only have been worked through - is that right? - but what about the battles from the modules? Are they still to be worked over and 'updated'? 



  5. Question for those who know better than I - does the enemy AI - if you're playing against the AI -  do any of these things? Not in such detail, right? Carefully organised fire and suppression or bounding overwatch? Does the AI do that? Does it even split squads? It will use the 'assault' command, I assume, but that's very ineffective compared to organising it yourself. Just wondering how much of an advantage you get if you play according to Bill's excellent suggestions? Play against the AI, I mean. 

  6. Excellent, clear and very helpful AAR, especially with all the tactical tips chipped in. Thanks to the OP and to those who chipped in. Look forward to the next one. 


    Seemed to me that you did mostly everything by the book but you were stymied from the off by your opponent basically rushing over a shorter distance to get on the objective, so there wasn't much you could do. 

  7. Can anyone tell me what order you should use when teams go into buildings and it's likely there are enemy present within?  If Assault is available, then that, I assume. But if it's not?  Hunt? I just read someone suggesting Hunt should not be used to enter contested buildings. Is that true? And if not Hunt then what?  


    Many thanks. 

  8. LOl. That does look crazy! It actually looks like what they're trying to do is carry out your intent by still trying to get into the building, but by searching for the door right round the other side. I've noticed that sometimes when they do this - search for silly far-away entry points - they are reacting to the proximity to the nearest doors of enemy units within the building. Your hunt order was not to enter a building, but I wonder if they're trying to carry it out by going around the long way. I mean, maybe the bug is that they're not panicking at all but actually continuing with the order via a different path (and at a trot). Who knows? Definitely not good though. 

  9. In all CM games, inc the demo, I have seen, many, many times, infantry 'choosing the wrong door'.  But mostly, when I analyse it, they are not aware of the threat (I mean within the comms indicators of the game) as I am, so mostly it's my fault, I think. It's easy to cure it, I've found, but setting a path to right outside the door you want them to use, then a path into the building, instead of just a path into the building, allowing them to choose. 

    Rarely, I see them choose a wrong door under fire (where they should know better). But this, again, is ameliorated by giving them specific pathing instructions. 

    In terms of the first point by Pericles, I haven't yet, in the demo, playing through Wilcox around 3 times so far, seen any of the old behaviour under fire - where they would panic and run blind, into open space or other obvious kill zones. Mostly, when they panic now they seem to lie flat where they are, no?  So there is certainly, I think, some progress there, perhaps?

  10. My crashing has stopped. Weird.  I can say, it wasn't, apparently, the presence of malwarebytes or windows defender - they make no diff. I lose track of the changes I've tried in the Nvidia settings, but those are the only things I've been messing with lately, so it's something in there. I can also say not the shaders issue, I think (though, of course, the shaders issue might only arise with certain combinations of Nvdia settings). I am playing now all settings maxed, shaders on, with most of lethaface's suggested settings as above in this thread. It runs smooth, no crashing anymore. I have no idea what change in the settings changed things. I'm happy though. 

  11. MIne crashes too. In Wilcox, not just Alamo. No rhyme or reason to it that I can see. With or without shaders, with or without the suggested Nvidia settings. It's every other turn, more or less, only in command phase, and only when I'm moving the camera around. This doesn't happen in any of the other CM games (and I have them all). Odd. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, Lethaface said:

    Regarding the crystal disc app, that sounds interesting! Never knew such an app existed. I do have CM on my SSD now, and there is no stuttering whatsoever. I did have it before on other machines and I too had the suspicion it was related to sounds, although I never bothered to check it really.

    Yes, you don't get the stutters/micro stutters if you install the game on your SSD, Lethaface, but if it's on the HDD then the sound files have to be loaded during gameplay from the HDD to the SSD and some HDDs (perhaps all) have a 'head parking' setting which generates enough lag to cause these stutters. The crystal disc info app allows you to switch off head parking, eliminating the lag. You can also switch off sound to get rid of them, of course. 

  13. 1. Regarding the 'low trees detail' setting. If what it's meant to do is de-animate the trees, stop them swaying (as someone has mentioned above), then it doesn't seem to work in the demo. If you switch the setting to 'low' the trees still sway. 

    2. I was just messing around trying things and noticed the trees thing. In fact, on my pretty mediocre laptop system (i7, 8gb RAM, gtx850m) with the demo installed on the D drive (an HDD) it all works really nice and smooth with everything set to max. I do, however, always use the (free) 'crystal disc info' app to manually configure the AAM/APM control to 'Feh' in order to prevent load stutters, which that app does beautifully. (I've posted before about micro stutters running the game from an HDD on systems with SSD and HDD - the stutters are due to lags caused by head parking on the HDD  when the sound files are loading real time during the game (they are not pre-loaded each game, like the graphics files), and this 'crystal disc info' app solves the issue completely.) I mention this again just in case anyone here with the game on an HDD in a dual SSD/HDD system was experiencing micro stutters and hadn't seen that thread...

  14. I also just finished playing this through and it was a really absorbing 3 hours or so worth of gameplay. Really enjoyed it.


    I got a total vic, as US, but only by using saves 3 times to roll back atrocious errors. If I'd left the errors in then I would have been down to 3 squads from 6, more or less, and then it would have been much harder at the end, perhaps. As it was I lost 2 tanks and a couple of Bradleys. But it's true that the US has incredible firepower in all those Bradleys, plus very heavy artillery support, which, combined with the ravens, makes it relatively easy to decimate the Russian armour and AT threat. I spent all of the first hour hardly moving, just using the ravens and the arty, then there was still plenty of time left to take the villages etc. Very few kills were down to my infantry arms, most credited to the Bradleys.Thanks George MC. Great scenario. I see why they chose it as the demo.

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