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  1. They have them on their "inventory" but none of them are showing like they do in black sea,also no facepaint.
  2. Why do units doesnt have night vision googles on and that cool face Paint like they do in black sea when is nightime?
  3. just a little update it crashed while procesing a turn main menu appeared and the cmbn.exe stopped working
  4. i it has the same effect im running the latest nvidia driver and temperature isnt a issue i have exterior temperature display and i run new games such as totalwar warhammer 2 ultra gprahics with no issues etc
  5. everything suggested and even pray nothing worked so far
  6. still have this issue...cant play any CM title
  7. still having this issue...i cant play any cm mission game
  8. yes it crashes even if doing nothing im using windows 10 profesional 64 bits i have the latest driver and reinstalled it as you said i have the firewall and anti virus disabled i format my computer with a total wipe programs running are steam and nothing else still crashing
  9. my game suddently stops working without any specific event tied to it,it happens with all the cmx2 titles not only one i have mods installed but i didnt change anything but the graphic card i have format my computer and still happens,,before that everything was ok same mods same nvida control pannel options except i changed the resolution for 4k can be this? i changed from a 780to a 1070 it happens when i have been playing for like 20-30 minutes only happens with cm games i run other old games (star wars galaxies is from 2003) and they run fine
  10. so ive just discovered that you can assign AI groups to units on the quick battle purchase menĂº with f1 f2 etc and it Works on deffense on attack it doesnt because ai only has 1 group per plan
  11. so how do you do it to have a decent yet realistic fight in QB? for example a defending company vs an attacking battalion etc..sometimes i find is difficult to make an ejoyable fight,specially on ww2 titles where if your armor gets wiped by the enemy (when both teams have armor)the battle is pretty much over specially when i attack since infantry is pretty much helpless against armor at mid-long range,so i was curious about what other people do
  12. So...looking at quick battle maps in CMBN for example there are very few maps listed as German attack..does this means that those maps are the only ones i can play as a german attacker? wht happens if i play a map listed as Allied attack as a german attacker?
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