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  1. Hetzer38 ---> Both Panther tanks were captured on 2 august 1944. They both make fighting-recon mision alone. Without any infantry or AFV support. First Panther was knocked out by PIAT. Second Panther during retreat also was hit by PIAT in rear turret then fall from the road and hit a house and became immobilized. Crews from tanks was captured, and tanks repaired and remain in Polish use untill knocked out (8th august) and abandoned due to damage (11th august).

    Firs Panther in Polish use was officialy nicknamed as Pudel (nickname of one of soldier who died on august 3rd) then (not officialy) as Magda (woman name). Second Panther didn't have nickname but on its rear turret hatch was painted word WP (shortcut from Polish Army)

    MikeyD - the Polish Panther on the rear hatch hasn't got Polish Eagle, but WP - what means Wojsko Polskie (Polish Army) - it is clearly visible on one of the photos at this page http://powstanie-warszawskie-1944.ac.pl/pojazdy_w_powstaniu_panther.htm

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  2. Yes, thanks John. But my question is: For example we've got a KV2. Its hull graphic has BMP number 7120 and size 385KB and has 512x256 resolution. So deafult KV2 even if is quite detailed, isn't as detailed like in some mods (especialy in high detailed MikeyD or Gautrek mods). But this mods still remain with hull's BMP size 385KB and resolution of 512x256. So for computer this is the same - no matter if it is deafult BMP or moded BMP - the same size and resolotion. So I think the performance should be the same ... but moded texture has better visual quality - although still has the same size and resolution. How it depends on game performance ?

  3. So we say every deafult hull bmps graphic (for tanks - example) weights 385Kb and has resolution 512x256 ---- no matter how much colour has and how detailed is - the weight is always 385KB (when resoltion remains 512x256). My question is (is so stupid, but ...) if BMP has more details (usually mods are more detailed than deafult graphic)but still remain 385KB/512x256 then it has significanse for game perfomance (frames rate). For example if MikeyD superb detailed mods slows down performance when they replaced a deafult (less detailed) graphic ?

    This is some kind of myth, but I want to discover the truth ;)


  4. Ok, I just make my first mission for CMBB. I've got an idea and make a terrain. Everything fine but ... how to place wooden fences or walls ? I dont't see them in the terrain icon list. Am I bling or (just like I think) there is a some kind of trick to place them on the map ? Please help my, because my map (imo) looking quite good (like for first time) but village houses without fences looking just "simply".

    PS - in a few next day I'll try to upload my map at some server. Could someone give me a link to a good map site where many could try my scenario ?

    Thanks - Marcin T - Poland

  5. Hi Patboy !!!

    I'm from Poland and of course waiting to kick Jerrys asses in this mod. BTW i've got many info about Polish Forces in september 1939

    Only 10th Mechanized Brigade wears German Helmets wz16 and wz17 in september 1939. Rest polish forces uses polish helmets wz31

    And another one, polish infantry in september 1939 usually wears its cloaks rolled around backpacks sample1 , sample2 not like russian forces around the body.

    For the end there is a myth that polisch cavalry charged on tanks - this is nonsense and showed only in german propaganda movies. We've got famous AT guns Bofors wz.36 37mm and AT Riffles Kb ppanc wz.35 that was a match for Panzerwaffe from Sep.39

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  6. Hah MikeyD you inspired me but there wasn't 6522x series but 1522x series for this damn Pz38t. I found them manually (amazing!) and do a little rechange and what i get is:


    Woila !

    Problem solved, but this is a good idea to make a list of others additional BMPs (for others vehicle etc, if exist) files that may make a similiar problems in future.

    For now additional textures for Pz38t are: 15220, 15221 and 15225 (Side hull, Top Hull, Front Hull)

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  7. Hi

    There is a problem. I install (using CMMOS) mod of tank Pz38t which make him from grey to dirtygrey --- and what i see is that only turret and rear hull are changing taxtures but all other (side turret, upper hull, front hull) remain unchanged and this looks really stupid ! Turret is dirty, but hull clean grey. I even check how many files include this mod and discovered that he has all (14) BMPs files from Pz38t. And even when i manually copy this files to BMP folder then this don't make the effect too (turret dirty, hull clean). I checked this all 14 BMPs files and they have got "dirty" graphic. Can someone explaine me what is wrong ?

    Link to the mod (first one pz38t) http://www.combatmission.com/cmmos/Panzers/Panzers1.htm

    PS - I tested it on a tutorial mision "IRON ROADBLOCK"

    This looks stupid ! Check it out !


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