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  1. The event triggers but the unit is allowed to move into a port, when it shouldn't and does do any scouts missions, if I head the mouse pointer on the ocean I don't get the red circle. Thanks for checking the event.
  2. Hi all: The air unit you get with the event that gives you strategic bombers for asw, doesn't seem to be working properly. I couldn't do any scout mission and on the other side the game lets you place it on a port. This is playing with v1.00, if this issue has been addresed in v1.01 please ignore this post.
  3. Hi all Within v1.01 the morale flag shown at the top of the screen for the western allies is the Chinese one, not the WA flag. Minor issue, maybe you are already aware of it. Regards.
  4. It was released May 1st, here's the link to buy it: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?page=shop.cart&func=cartAdd&product_id=361&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26
  5. When I press the key next to the "P" which in a Spanish Keyboard is the one containing the following characters "^`[" I get this dialog box about AI information when pressing ok for two times it does not go away and the game freezes: Sorry for the huge keyboard image
  6. I think the bug took place because there is a Russian army where I moved the PzCorp, i found it out when i reloaded the Error.sav to continue the game. I'll send it to you later Hubert.
  7. Playing against the AI. The game froze showing the next message error: Error file reads as follow: [05/10/2013 6:56:16; 6.1.7601; 1680x1050x32(0); v1.00] FAILED(on_menu_command): [05/11/2013 12:18:40] FAILED(calculate_spotted_unit_list): [05/11/2013 12:18:40; 6.1.7601; 1680x1050x32(0); v1.00] FAILED(animate_spotted_enemy_units): There is also an ERROR.sav file if needed. I have full confidence this will get fix Edit: the crash took place when I moved the tank adjacent to Zhitomir.
  8. Thanks Hubert, yes I knew it looked only as a graphical glitch.
  9. I'm currently playing the Russsian Revolution scenario and I have come upon a display glitch. I have 11 chits invested in diplomacy to bring Findland into the war in the White side and unless my oponent has invested in diplomacy as well I should have a 55% chance of swinging Finlands alliance. As you can see in the picture the total reads 0% if I decide to buy more chits it will so the right sum. If I then move to another country it would read the total chance to swing its alliance 55% instead of 0% Please take a look so it can be fixed when the first patch comes out. Regards
  10. Why upgrade to Win 8 when Win 7 is working fine? I didn't upgrade from Xp to 7 until a year or so back, I have to admit that Win 7 works better than Xp, I can now take advantage of the full memory and 64 bits, but for instance I never had Vista installed, too many flaws or so people said...
  11. Watching the pre release Breaktrough video I stumbled upon this other video with this beautiful song were it shows what soldiers had to bear and the futility of war:
  12. Good idea, I will when the Breakthrough expansion is released, because I certainly want to buy it And the tittle thread says it all...
  13. S&H cost is precisely the problem, battlefront didn't charge for digital downloadings and now it seems they do, and the cost is higher than the game you may be purchasing. About vat it is high here in Spain, it just has gone form 18% to 21% :mad:
  14. I was looking at Theatre of War game and was considering purchasing it when I stumbled upon the delivery method which is only by mail. Alright, so far so good, but the price asked to deliver it is 60.00$ :eek: Good Heavens the bundle is only 15.00$ and you are charging 4 times the price of the game to deliver it??? And now what's worse of all, for downloading delivery method there is also a charge of 60.00$ if you want delivery and download 70.00$. I checked this with SC GC Gold Bundle, which I already have. With all due respect have you gone bonkers? Now please tell me I have mis
  15. How do you pause the replay? Is there a hot key ? Thanks
  16. Thanks Bill for double checking, next game will be with v1.04.
  17. In the 1914 CtA scenario could victory conditions be checked in pbem games? I'm currenttly playing it, v1.03.1, Russia, France and now Italy have surrendered (it doesn't show in the screenshot since it was taken at the begining of the turn, Nov 1917) but the game keeps going, no victory screen. Not that I mind, I'm having great fun, not so sure about my opponent who's being a real gentleman and keeps on playing turns, even when I have a beach head in the UK I know it's v1.03.1 just want to let you know there could be something wrong with victory conditions. Kind regards.
  18. You're welcome xwormwood, you run your pc without an AV or with a free one like avast? Norton used to be very heavy on the system but not the latest versions.
  19. Guys you have to place out the exe from Norton quarantine folder and select the opction to exclude the file from being scan again in future checks. Don't recall the exact steps, but once you do the game runs fine. I have N360 and that's what I did.
  20. I got the following message saying Italy lost morale due to the fall of Tripoli, but Tripoli had not fall, the french unit moved from west to east: GC Gold 1939 World at War scenario, pbem game. Have the save if needed.
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