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  1. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that the Apollo's turret isn't too small for the 120mm nor is the Thor's turret too large for just the 120mm, and there are in fact parallels with existing platforms. (moreso in the FCS and Commando w/120 than the AGS which only uses an autoloader and a shrunk conventional turret, but you get the idea) Because tank destroyers are pretty fragile things in general, the philosophy is that they're supposed to shoot and scoot from one hull down position to another, so remote turrets with autoloaders make a lot of sense for them to minimize exposed frontal a
  2. " I am hard pressed to find an existing tank that looks anything like the Apollo..." There are a couple out there. M8 AGS: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m8-ags.htm One of the Commando variants: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/lavgen3-001.jpg Last but not least, the FCS tank design at this point is virtually an Apollo clone: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/fcs.htm
  3. On what vehicle? I checked out the tracks on an Apollo KC-H, and they looked right to me. In a moving turn, the driver applies the brake to the inside track etc... Now having the road wheels not turn as they roll over the tracks, that kind of bugs me
  4. Taras

    General stuff.

    Blah, firing a cannon underwater is so wrong on so many levels. The ballistics would be completely borked. The barrel would look like a used party favor. Just shreds my suspension of disbelief. It would make a little more sense if you could fire a micro-torpedo through the barrel the way a T-80 tank can fire ATGMs. Not that I'd ask the devs to make such a thing, but if I were king, I'd disable all cannons and mortars any time they were below the waterline and have a delay after resurfacing before they could fire again.
  5. I may not be remembering this quite right, but isn't that the mission where you need to capture the enemy facilities? Remember, you need to use an engineering unit to capture them.
  6. No, it's not possible. The team members haven't mentioned any plans to add such a feature that I've heard.
  7. Playing the ice fortress map scenario in the campaign, I noticed two problematic things about bots. While doing a hull down fight against Thors, I noticed that bots would turn their turrets away from me *every* time they lost contact, even though there were no other targets. Much more problematic than that though, is that when I'd poke up to take a shot, some of them would fire on me instantly, even if that meant impossibly firing out of the sides or back of their own turrets. I don't have a problem with the instant retaliation in this case. I'd expect that since I was using the same hull-
  8. Taras

    Unit availability

    My kingdom for a GEV tank with a 120
  9. Yep, makes no sense. If you have a built-in power source that powerful, why rely on chemical energy to turn the wheels? I like to imagine that "antimatter" is a mispelling of "battery pack"
  10. You definitely do *not* want high definition rendering on an older computer. You might be able to get away with shaders and VBO, you might not. Experiment with those two. BTW, just in case you have it on, foliage is totally out of the question. Antialiasing is on by default, I'd reccomend turning it off. I think (but I'm not sure) that the "steering" slider adjusts how close or far does the system substitute less detailed models to improve speed.
  11. If nothing else, you can unlicense the game to free up a license before you reformat, then relicense it afterwards. From what I gather, it appears that the crucial bit is that don't forget to unlicense before you reformat.
  12. Taras


    Agreed - it's very strange to be in a silent fight, then glance up to your status and suddenly notice you have damage. Even though the hulls of these things aren't pressurized, impacts should still resonate through the structure (and thus be audible). In general, the silence and ambient music do an excellent job of conveying the feel of being in a vaccuum. Execution needs some polishing, but the concept is great.
  13. As Dan said, wallet speaks louder than words. Having said that, a few thoughts: - I'm not very comfortable with the elicense system. From what I'm reading, it sounds like if I have a hard drive die where the game is installed, I'll lose one of my two installs, so either I'd lose LAN play, or I'd need to send an email asking for a relicense (which, reading between the lines, the FAQ implies that such relicensing would be granted only in extreme circumstances). My other downloaded games, rFactor and LiveForSpeed - appear to be much more forgiving in their licensing systems in this rega
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