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  1. Yep, the manual is on my desktop. It doesn't really do much in the way of training me though. A cursory examination didn't show me how to mount troops into the Stryker vehicles.
  2. Hello, today I downloaded the CM Demo, and now what do I do. I know NOTHING about this type of game. I started the training mission, but it doesn't begin to tell me what buttons to push and why. Is there a youtube or anything anywhere that can teach me how to get started with the CM game system? For example, I pressed some button and locked up the screen so it was always on one of the infantry group, the one to the right side of the set up, and could never get that view unlocked. I thought that example might give you an idea what a noob I am. Thanks for any help.
  3. I'm on old hand at AH and SPI boardgames, and miss them a lot. I would love to play something like those on the computer vs other people AND vs the computer when I want to test out stategies and tactics. What computer game companies support board game type games, but with limited intelligence, which would make the games more realistic? What computer games in particular would you reccomend. And what sites on the web support these types of computer games and have active forums? Thanks for any info you have.
  4. I love TacOps, but the old version I have has no scenarios for WW2 battles. I was wondering what the best game around I can get that is like TacOps but for WW2? I didn't ask this in the TacOps forum because I thought it might be rude asking for a different game to play that wasn't TacOps.
  5. You all may be right, but I think what I've read about the Battle of the Bulge, you may be to kind. During the BotB, Hodges, Bradley and Eisenhower all showed they were unable to grasp the magnitude of the breakout, and Hodges and Bradley were just horrid in handling their responsibilties. Patton seemed to at least to have a plan for how he could counterattack, but even he had his divisions fighting on a broad front toward Bastogne instead of using his forces on a narrow front. During the defensive recovery phase of the battle, neither Hodges, who didn't even know where most of his troop
  6. [quote= Changing tack a bit; A lot UK commanders (and some Americans) were distinclty underwhelmed by the US performance in North West Africa, and that coloured their perceptions for a long time afterwards. I think that it is from there - NWA and the British perceptiosn developed there - that the 'unprofessional' tag got stuck on the US forces.
  7. From my reading, I've gotten the idea lately, that the British were a much more professional and well led infantry/armor force, than the US was, in WW2. I'm looking for books that can either support or debunk this new idea of mine. I know the British had an army with a tradition that was quite old, and the US army was fairly new. It interests me that the South, in the Civil War could outfight the Union, and the generals in WW 1 and 2, especiallly, seem as clueless as the Union generals did in the Civil War. Also, looking at the Vietnam war and the current mini-quagmiraes in Iraq and Afghani
  8. I'm looking for a good book describing the British land battles in WW2. I'm not looking for an overview of them, something more detailed. Thanks for any ideas.
  9. Does this mean that there are WW II units in TacOps now? If so, any official or homegrown scenarios? If not, what's the closest, fun, game like TacOps for the WW II time period?
  10. To Kip and other. How many of us remember the old AH boardgame Panzerblitz? Or Panzer44, the western front Panzerblitz. I hate to say it but modern games like Tacops are not nearly as interesting, for lots of us, as WWII and WWI games would be. Oh to you the Tacop engine and pay money to the Major for Panzerblitz/Tacops.
  11. Hello all. My history playing Tacops goes all the way back to the first version on the Mac. I stopped playing Tacops about 3 years ago, but thought I would see what was happening with it. The reason I gave up playing Tacops had a lot to do with being tired of playing modern scenarios on the same old maps over and over again. I see here that we can make our own maps now and there are WWII units. Can it be true? I remember seeing the Majors beginning of a WWII game, Panzer 88?, and wishing for a WWII Tacops. So is Tacops with WWII units really here? Are lots of people playing it?
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